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Welcome to Pina Cava Creations.

Being a creative soul, I feel like I am constantly surrounded by inspiration Mother Earth has gifted us with.  

As a child, I always loved making & creating things, and clearly never stopped!  

I was always intrigued by the art of jewellery making.  It all began when I started making myself  earrings & bracelets to match my outfits, then had requests from family & friends!   Since then, I've attended many craft shows, hosted home parties and received a very supportive & positive feedback about my work!

I especially love to use different mediums in jewellery making...crystals, beads, & gemstones from around the world, polymer clay, foils & fabrics, paints, different metals, you name it!

 I invite you to  experience a wide variety of handmade jewellery and accessories for ladies, men, and children.  

​Each unique piece is exclusively designed & hand made in my studio in Ottawa, never mass produced, paying attention to fine detail.

For a studio viewing, please email me for an appointment.

As an artist, I share a love & passion for art.  I am not only constantly striving to improve my art, but to also expand my artistic vision, refine my techniques, & to explore & experiment with different art styles.

 Standing in front of a canvas, with brush in hand, the imagination is simply unlimited!

Airbrush art began a few years ago when I was inspired by the art of body painting!   Exploring different avenues of airbrushing, I discovered custom airbrush t-shirts, face masks, along with other apparel!

  I do customized orders. If you have something in mind, I will make it happen!

Creating is my passion...either designing a make up concept, a canvas painting or drawing, a unique piece of jewellery, a custom t-shirt, face masks, or any other artistic project I can get my hands on! 


Let me create something for you!


Always made with love,

Pina Cava