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Yin and Yang are concepts from Chinese philosophy that represent the dualistic nature of existence. They symbolize opposite but interconnected forces that create balance and harmony. Yin is associated with qualities like darkness, passivity, femininity, and coldness, while Yang represents qualities such as light, activity, masculinity, and warmth. The interaction between Yin and Yang creates a dynamic equilibrium, and their relationship emphasizes the idea that opposites are interdependent and interconnected in the natural world.

This unisex stylish bracelet can be warn in its own, paired with a watch or stacked with other bracelets.

It is made of black lava stones, white Howlite stones, Tibetan silver bead, strung on high quality stretch elastic.

It is 8” in diameter, but can be sized to fit any wrist!

All of my jewellery is made by myself with natural stones, therefore, each stone is unique, just like you! Please allow for minor differences between each bead. Due to being natural gemstones, some stones may be lighter or darker/smaller or larger, and have minor imperfections.

“Balance & Harmony”



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